We are now inviting select independent blogs, playlisters, DJs and live promoters to access our central submissions as part of a new initiative called the Right Chord Music Indie Collective.


This approach will allow us to collectively champion and support more incredible new music. Now one submission to Right Chord Music gives you the chance to be featured on multiple blogs, playlists or even get your music on Soho Radio.

Discover the founding members of the The RCM Indie Collective below.


If you are a blogger, playlister, DJ or live promoter interested in joining The RCM Indie Collective please get in touch here 


Rats On The Run. Music Reviews. Reviewing from Here to Wherever. 

Send your LPs, your EPs, your singles, your videos, let me know the new sounds that you're making.
Lover of noise in all of its forms, from garage fuzz to glitched out electronica. 


Weekly features, monthly playlists, press and promo work available. And I promise I will listen to everything. 


Music in Isolation has become a platform for new bands and artists to get the exposure they deserve. They can't gig due to the current climate so why not help them out.

"When London went into Lockdown I was trying to find something to do to past the time. I have always had a passion for music and find new music. I get a serious kick if someone comes to me and says "This band is amazing thank you for recommending them to me" this makes me proud.  I have always voiced my opinions about bands and songs to friends and family. So I started to write about music that I was listening to while stuck indoors. This is how I came up with the name Music in Isolation. This shows the idea of music that is personal to you, everyone listens to music through earphones so it is music that you are isolating to yourself."


'We Make Music' is a Spotify playlist and Instagram page with a passion for great unsigned and under the radar acts and artists.

Primarily, but not exclusively, focusing on showcasing acts from the UK and Ireland. Genres considered are pop, folk, singer-songwriter and rock.


We feature one song a day by posting a short one minute video of the track alongside links to the track on Spotify and to the artists Instagram page.


The best of new music, written by the nimble fingers of the UK's indie, pop and alternative fanatics.


Eclectic Ear Candy (EEC) showcases hidden talent in the music industry, typically in the indie/alt pop space, and is intended to diversify music interests.


EEC features 10 new releases (singles, EPs, or albums) and a throwback track each week, along with an artist of the month. The artist of the month earns an interview and written article from EEC, along with 3 featured songs, one song each week.


EEC also offers Instagram takeovers and opportunities to be included on exclusive playlists highlighting breakthrough talent.


Iraina Mancini is a Singer/Songwriter DJ and Soho Radio Host from London.

Iraina presents a show on Soho Radio every other Tuesday where she plays a taste of her DJ sets and interviews her favourite bands. Previous guests include legendary producer Mike Chapman (Blondie, The Knack), Lee Fields, Babyshambles, Ida Mae and Garret Shider (Parliament, Funkadelic), Juanita Stein, (Howling Bells) PP Arnold & Dead Coast.

Iraina brings her love of Northern Soul, Ska, Funk, Rhythm & Blues and Garage Rock to audiences all over London and internationally. Playing at exclusive clubs such as Groucho Club, Soho House, 5 Hertford St and Scotch of St James as well as music festivals (Glastonbury, The Secret Garden Party, Red Rooster and Wilderness) and fashion, film and corporate events (Pretty Green, NME, Swarovski, Samsung, GQ and The Toronto Film Festival).


Euphonixx is about positivity! Finding and featuring songs, albums, indie musicians or bands with a positive message that can get the audience, listeners, and fans through any moments they face throughout life. 

Along with submissions on Right Chord Music’s platform we have our own pricing deals where 2/5 of the fee goes back into promoting the artist.  Each approval receives an article on the Euphonixx website, social media posts on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and playlist placements on Spotify and SoundCloud Under Euphonixx Sonixx Blast

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