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Guest In The Car

Music For The Kids

12 July 2024

London, UK - 12 July 2024 - Emerging alternative rock band Guest In The Car is excited to announce the release of their first single, "Music For The Kids," dropping on 12 July 2024.

With their innovative and emotionally charged music, Guest In The Car is poised to make an impact. "Music For The Kids" promises to captivate listeners with its apocalyptic energy and wonky synths.

Guest In The Car, a four-piece band from London, delivers a fresh yet nostalgic sound, blending post-punk, post-rock, and shoegaze influences. Their first single, "Music For The Kids," is a compelling alternative rock track distinguished by its unique sound and self-aware lyrics. "Music For The Kids" is an apocalyptic but driving track that offers an escape into a frantic soundscape of synth, guitars, and ghostly vocals, reminiscent of early My Bloody Valentine and Ride. as lead vocalist Rob puts it "It’s about escaping reality and asserting yourself in an uncaring world."

Inspired by bands such as Yo La Tengo, Rob describes the bands sound as “grounded but hazy.” He says, “We are proud of how mental this track sounds,” adding, “Shoegaze is about vibes and soundscapes. But we also wanted to make sure that behind all the analogue synths and guitar distortion, there was a song that speaks to why shoegaze is having a resurgence. People want to escape into a world where they are allowed to be themselves.”




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Rob Vel

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