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Canine Gymkhana


30 June 2024

South London 4 piece indie rock band Canine Gymkhana are thrilled to announce the release of their new single 'I Doubt We'll Ever Change'.


The band consists of 16-17 year old skilled musicians, songwriters, and experienced performers. Arthur Pritchard is on vocals and rhythm guitar. Fin Nevill is on lead guitar. Alfie Myval is on drums and backing vocals. Andrew Tian is on bass and backing vocals.


After the successful launch of their debut EP, Additional Seating Upstairs in April 2023, this is the third single from their upcoming, as yet untitled, debut album. The first two tracks, I Dont Wanna and Cigarette Chandalier have been well received well by the bands' fans, with more than 3,500 monthly listeners on Spotify.


With influences ranging from Pink Floyd and Bowie to Arctic Monkeys and Radiohead plus plenty of early Brit Pop, the band blend their individual music styles to create their own, Canine Gymkhana, sound.


The band formed in Easter 2022, and have geen gigging since then. They have played to sold out gigs at Ram Jam Records, Kingston, and The Exchange, Twickenham. The band were excited to be playing at Guilfest 2024 and are looking forward to a summer of gigs including at The Fuse Box, Kingston on 26th July, Twickenham's High Tide Festival on Sunday 28th July.

Fin Nevill

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