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26 April 2024

3CH0 Pronounced Echo is a 17 year old Producer/DJ based in Manchester


He started out music at the age of 12 he would always stay behind to take extra music classes after school! Producing and writing songs for multiple different people He was known as one of the best when it came to producing tracks in his class at school He mostly used Logic Pro X !

He always had his notes app open on his phone if he came across any ideas he would then go home and make those ideas reality!


He then moved to Selling beats At the age of 14!


Now at the age of 17 he moved to working on his own tracks still writing songs day in and day out which he would only release if he thinks they are good enough for the world to hear them!

Now moved on to working on his vocals making songs with his voice in them searching for collaborations!

Cameron Davies

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