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Joe Z

I Want Out

8 July 2024

After spending last summer at Loudo Guitars recording a cover of Extreme’s Rise, Joe Z is back with the aptly named album Joe Z ii! Filled with 9 all original tracks: We’ll Find Out, Turn You On, What You Mean (To Me), Lovin’ It Up, One and Only, Worked to Death, Paying Dues, I Want Out, and Press On. Joe Z’s musicianship is on full display once again as he writes, plays, and records all the songs and their instrumentations solo ala Prince, Dave Grohl, Stevie Wonder, and Wolfgang Van Halen. Listen to the raucous roaring rock album filled with double entendres, 8-Bit sound effects, catchy choruses, and prerequisite guitar shenanigans! Joe Z ii just released this July!

For your listening enjoyment, check out "I Want Out," where Joe Z channels his inner AC/DC and Van Halen while lamenting about narcissists, stubbornness, fake love, and wanting out from all of it!

Joe Z

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