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Music Jobs. Join the Right Chord Music editorial team

Video Reviewers Wanted!

Love music? Join the Right Chord Music editorial team and get paid to review incredible new music from independent artists from all over the world.

About Right Chord Music

The Right Chord Music Blog was founded in 20210 to champion incredible independent artists. We are proud to be ranked 4th by Feedspot in their Top 50 best-unsigned music blogs. Now we are on a mission to get to number one.


Last year Right Chord Music and our partner blogs which make up the RCM Indie Collective published over 700 reviews, attracting over 100,000 page views from 181 different countries around the world. To continue our growth we are looking for freelance writers to join our editorial team.

Video Reviewers Wanted

If you love talking about music and have a proven track record of making engaging social media video content we'd love to hear from you. Earn extra money while discovering new music from our submissions database. You make £6 per review and keep 100%. It's a flexible role, make as much content as you want. All your content will be shared on Right Chord Music's social channels. If interested, complete the form below and include links to example content. Want to see example videos? Head to our Instagram or TikTok @Rightchordmusic

Write For Us

If you are looking to earn some extra money while discovering some incredible new music, this is the job for you.  As a Right Chord Music reviewer, you make £6 per review and keep 100%. It's a flexible role, review and write as much or as little as you want, when you want.

We are looking for great writers, who are passionate about new music. To join Right Chord Music as a writer you will be required to share examples of previous work, or complete a test review, so we can see how you write.


All approved writers will be given access to our central submissions database where you can discover music to review for Right Chord Music. If you are interested, complete the form below and we'll send you an email containing the next steps.

Please note not all applications will be successful, and we can't always take on all new writers immediately, but if we like you, we'll add you to our waitlist.


Please note any music submissions sent via this form will be automatically deleted. Submit your music here.

Thanks for submitting!

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