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When we started in 2010 all submissions were made to the RCM editor Mark Knight by email, but as the volume of submissions increased, more and more music was being overlooked. To avoid this, we took the decision to move to this centralised online submissions database. This approach means we can support more incredible music, with more writers reviewing the music. Complete the form below to submit your music for FREE.

How It Works.

Every track submitted to RCM is reviewed by our editor. Any submissions containing demos or poorly recorded music, bad images, broken links, or missing a biography will immediately be removed. We only publish high-quality music on our blog.

RCM has a growing team of writers (currently 21) with access to our submissions database. We can't guarantee all 21 writers will log in every day, but this approach vastly improves your chances of your music being heard. If one of our writers likes your music, they will email you and make an offer to support your music. A review on RCM costs just £6.00 with 100% going to the writer. In order to attract and retain writers, we no longer offer free reviews.

We recommend you submit your music a week before release day, that gives us time to listen and write. But don't worry, if your music is already out, it's fine to still submit it. After all, if we haven't heard it, it's still new music! Please note that RCM only publishes released music that is available on Spotify.  We always want to ensure our blog can help drive streams and income.

About RCM.

The Right Chord Music Blog was founded by Mark Knight in 2010. We are proud to be ranked in the Top 5 independent music blogs and websites by Feedspot. We attract visitors from all over the world (181 different countries and counting) In the last year 35% of traffic came from the UK and 25% from the US. The other countries which typically feature in our top 5 include Germany, Canada and Australia. Just over one-quarter (27%) of RCM Blog visitors are aged 25-34, 20% are 18-24yrs old and 53% of our audience is aged 35yrs old+. In 2022 the gender split was 40% male and 60% female. The content we share on the RCM Blog is also shared across our social media channels. You can find us @rightchordmusic on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Linkedin. 

The RCM Indie Collective.

In addition to our own team of writers, we also provide other music bloggers and content creators with access to our submissions. We call this the RCM Indie Collective. Now one free submission can result in support across multiple channels, including blogs, Podcasts, playlists and radio. You can discover a full list of our partner blogs below. Note RCM doesn't charge artists to appear on our playlists. If we love your music we add you. Read our success stories here.

Upload Artist Photo
Tell us about your and your music. Or copy and paste your press release or biography. Please note submissions without a photo or biography will be deleted from our system and won't be reviewed.

The Right Chord Music Group are planning to launch the Major Labl Artist Club to support self released artists. Would you like to be notified when this is launched?

If you are experiencing problems submitting music. Please check all required fields are completed. If that doesn't solve the problem, please try using an alternative browser. Please also ensure all music links include the full Http://www.address or our system won't recognise them as website links. 

Your content has been submitted.


We are now inviting independent music Bloggers, Playlisters, Podcasters, DJs and Live Promoters to access our music submissions to form the Right Chord Music Indie Collective.


This approach will allow us to collectively champion and support more incredible new music. Now one free submission to Right Chord Music gives you multiple chances of support across a variety of channels.

Discover the members of The RCM Indie Collective below. If you are interested in joining The RCM Indie Collective please get in touch here. 



Heresiarch means, “a leader in heresy; the leader of a heretical sect.” The music that I enjoy reviewing the most is usually heretical: experimental/freak folk, ambient, lo-fi, and anything else experimental (although I am open to submissions in any genre).



Bored City aims to provide music fans with the latest and greatest music, preferably from artists you’ve never heard of before. We provide streaming and/or downloadable audio in addition to accompanying write-ups. Most of our content is track-focused, with an option for listeners to hear more.

Bored City Music Blog


Pop Passion is all the latest for new, rising, and established artists. We want to help artists who deserve to be heard - everyone from the biggest stars to the kid writing songs alone in their room.

Pop Passion Blog.jpeg


Linda Garnett, the founder of Indie Music Women, delivers to women in the indie music industry the information and attention they need to propel the growth of their career. 


The Indie Music Women website showcases in-depth interviews, music reviews, our Instagram featured artists, and the latest issue of our bi-weekly newsletter, 5 Must Reads for Musicians. 


Indie Music Women’s Instagram account features an Artist of the Day which includes a short bio and the artist’s thoughts on what it means personally to be an indie music woman artist, and the artist’s latest single added to our Spotify playlist.


Every Thursday Linda spotlights women artists selected from the IMW Spotify playlist on her radio show which is aired on Mix Tape Radio International. 

Indie Music Women Logo.jpg


Rats On The Run. Music Reviews. Reviewing from Here to Wherever. 

Send your LPs, your EPs, your singles, your videos, let me know the new sounds that you're making.
Lover of noise in all of its forms, from garage fuzz to glitched out electronica. 


Weekly features, monthly playlists, press and promo work available. And I promise I will listen to everything. 



'We Make Music' is a Spotify playlist and Instagram page with a passion for great unsigned and under the radar acts and artists.

Primarily, but not exclusively, focusing on showcasing acts from the UK and Ireland. Genres considered are pop, folk, singer-songwriter and rock.


We feature one song a day by posting a short one minute video of the track alongside links to the track on Spotify and to the artists Instagram page.

We Make Music


Tonitruale is an online publication revolving around music and fashion for people who have loud opinions.


It was created by Janset Yaşar and she assembled a team of more than 10 people all coming from different countries. Tonitruale has a rather laid-back tone where young people can unapologetically state their opinions. They aim to create a legitimate platform for young creatives. Their “Band Aid” column is specifically made to promote the music of their readers.

Tonitruale Blog


At Pretty White, we believe that music and writing have the power to connect people and help them better understand themselves and each other. We are dedicated to sharing music from Independent artists that we feel do this particularly well.

Pretty White Music Blog


We began as a SoundCloud in March 2015 that supported indie artists from around the world, but have since evolved into blogging, with no genre limits. If a lot of the artists we cover don’t ring a bell to you, it’s pretty normal. We like to introduce the world to up-and-coming talents, the ones to watch who are about to become your future next obsessions.

Lost In The Nordics Blog


A weekly music discovery show hosted by Adam and Paula Pickering (aka The Daydream Club).


The Podcast covers a diverse range of music featuring the duos influences, personal favourites, talented friends and behind the tunes chats for their own music. Including sounds of alternative, ambient, electronic, Indie-folk, experimental and beyond.



Eclectic Ear Candy (EEC) showcases hidden talent in the music industry, typically in the indie/alt pop space, and is intended to diversify music interests.


EEC features 10 new releases (singles, EPs, or albums) and a throwback track each week, along with an artist of the month. The artist of the month earns an interview and written article from EEC, along with 3 featured songs, one song each week.


EEC also offers Instagram takeovers and opportunities to be included on exclusive playlists highlighting breakthrough talent.



Iraina Mancini is a Singer/Songwriter DJ and Soho Radio Host from London.

Iraina presents a show on Soho Radio every other Tuesday where she plays a taste of her DJ sets and interviews her favourite bands. Previous guests include legendary producer Mike Chapman (Blondie, The Knack), Lee Fields, Babyshambles, Ida Mae and Garret Shider (Parliament, Funkadelic), Juanita Stein, (Howling Bells) PP Arnold & Dead Coast.

Iraina brings her love of Northern Soul, Ska, Funk, Rhythm & Blues and Garage Rock to audiences all over London and internationally. Playing at exclusive clubs such as Groucho Club, Soho House, 5 Hertford St and Scotch of St James as well as music festivals (Glastonbury, The Secret Garden Party, Red Rooster and Wilderness) and fashion, film and corporate events (Pretty Green, NME, Swarovski, Samsung, GQ and The Toronto Film Festival).

Iraina Mancini DJ Soho Radio


Euphonixx is about positivity! Finding and featuring songs, albums, indie musicians or bands with a positive message that can get the audience, listeners, and fans through any moments they face throughout life. 

Along with submissions on Right Chord Music’s platform we have our own pricing deals where 2/5 of the fee goes back into promoting the artist.  Each approval receives an article on the Euphonixx website, social media posts on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and playlist placements on Spotify and SoundCloud Under Euphonixx Sonixx Blast.

Euphonixx Blog


Up&Coming is a music blog dedicated to celebrating up and coming and independent artists from around the world!


Discover emerging artists and must add tracks for all your playlists by exploring all our music content. We feature in-depth interviews, music reviews, live reviews and curated playlists. We also have our own podcast where we chat with different up and coming artists about their life, music and inspirations and share some of their best tracks.

Up&Coming Logo.png
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