Complete this form to submit your music to the RCM Blog and for other opportunities offered by the Right Chord Music Group. Please feel free to submit music ahead of release, but please note we only publish reviews for music once it is released and available on Spotify. We are keen that our blog helps drive you plays and income. 


We will always offer free reviews and support to music we love. However, due to the volume of submissions we receive there is a limit to how much music one person can review.  


To review more of the music received, we employ freelance writers. We charge £5 per review with 100% of the money going directly to the writers.​ All published content will be shared on the RCM Blog and across our social channels.

RCM will only ever review music we love, our reputation depends on it. NB If you choose Paid support you will always be considered for Free support first, but your chances of review hugely increase as your music will also be shared with our team of freelance writers.


NB. If you choose Free your music will only be considered by one writer and your chances of coverage will be greatly reduced.

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Beyond our new music blog the Right Chord Music Group offers a range of services to support unsigned and independent artists. Use the sliders below to tell us which other opportunities you are interested in.

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Training and how to marketing guides

Music conferences for unsigned artists

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