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We're looking for Bloggers, Podcasters, Playlisters and Influencers to join the RCM Indie Collective.


The RCM Indie Collective is a like-minded group of new music blogs and new music champions who have come together to help get more incredible new music heard. Now with one free submission via our website musicians can pick up multiple reviews or offers of support from our member blogs, playlisters, podcasters, and music influencers.


RCM Indie Collective Members

  1. Right Chord Music Blog

  2. Right Chord Music Playlists

  3. Blackmarket Playlists

  4. Bored City

  5. Eclectic Ear Candy

  6. Euphonixx

  7. Heresiarch Music Reviews

  8. Honor Morrison (BBC Radio 6 & 1, Good Vibes Only Live)

  9. Indie Music Women

  10. Jodie Bryant (Discover Live & BBC Radio 1)

  11. Lost In The Nordics

  12. Poco Poco Records

  13. Pop Passion Blog

  14. Pretty White Blog

  15. Rachel Colton (Hidden Harmonies Crags Radio / Playlist/ Live)

  16. Rats On The Run Blog

  17. Tonitruale Blog

  18. Unseen Plays Blog

  19. Unseen Plays Podcast

  20. Up & Coming Blog Blog

  21. We Make Music Playlists

“The RCM Indie Collective makes it easier for musicians to get heard and allows us to champion even more incredible new and undiscovered artists,” explains Right Chord Music founder Mark Knight. 


What You Get As a Member

  • Access to our online submissions database providing a stream of quality music for your blog/podcast/playlist

  • Backlinks to your blog/podcast/playlist/website on our submissions page (Good for SEO)

  • Profile of your blog/podcast/playlist on our submissions page

  • Blog post with links announcing your membership on the RCM Blog

  • Inclusion in paid social media ads promoting your involvement with the RCM Indie Collective on our channels

  • Further opportunities to feature on our case studies page with links to your blog

  • Opportunities for an additional revenue stream by charging for reviews sourced from RCM


  • We charge a one-off fee of £30 to get you set up on our website

  • £10 is reinvested in paid social media ads to promote your involvement with the RCM Indie Collective

  • You are free to set your own prices for each review sourced from Right Chord Music 

If you are interested in joining The RCM Indie Collective please complete the contact form below and we will send you instructions to get to set up.

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The RCM Indie Collective

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