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We are proud of the coverage and support the RCM Indie Collective has generated for artists. Here are some recent success stories.

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​Rising country artist Parker Graye creates heartbreaking stories and catchy melodies. Parker released her debut single "Do Over" on September 15th, 2020 which garnered over 25,000 organic streams on Spotify in the first 5 weeks of her release. The RCM Indie Collective helped promote the release of her follow up single 'Before You Leave'.

Parker Graye - Before You Leave
Jenny Kern Coming Back For Me

A Canadian born Brooklyn-based singer-songwriter with a dreamy indie pop sound, Jenny Kern’s magnetic vocal style and emotive lyricism gained global attention in 2019 after the release of her debut single “Slow Burn”. She was immediately invited on her first international tour in Europe and featured on MTV, ABC and the CW.The RCM Indie Collective helped promote the release of her new single 'Coming Back For Me'.


The Solars Thanks For the Gifts

The Solars are a band based in Brooklyn, NY. Their debut release, 'Retitled Remastered' was named one of DigBoston's Best Albums of 2017. Last year they played a live streaming set for The Takeover Festival alongside Badly Drawn Boy, now their return with the brilliant 'Thanks For The Gifts, But Those Groves Are Now Myths which they describe as an unrepentantly homespun kiss-off of quarantine blues.



Porcelain are an anonymous musical collective, created as a counterpoint to society's obsession with celebrity culture. Faceless mannequins and androgynous dolls symbolise their desire not to be defined by labels. 


'Hollow' is a beautiful, evocative piece of dark pop music, featuring haunting strings and ethereal vocals.